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Silhouette image of cleaning service people sweeping floor with mop and other equipment on trolley.

Office & Building Cleaning

Clarke’s Cleaning can handle your office space or building cleaning.
  • We will disinfect and sanitize your office to aid in your efforts to provide a healthy building for your employees and clients.
  • We offer odor treatment with eco-friendly products.
  • We can clean the interior and exterior spaces of your commercial building.
3d rendering interior and exterior design by myself

Multifamily Cleaning

We have years of experience in multifamily common space and amenity area cleaning so that your apartment community is kept beautiful and clean for its residents’ use.

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Odor Treatment

Our professional odor treatment products remove odors from mold, mildew, pets, smoking and other smells that may prevent you from leasing or using a commercial space.
  • Our eco-friendly odor treatments products are proven to work and remove those smells.
  • We can follow-up with a professional cleaning after the odor is removed.
  • Our odor removing products work on mold, mildew, pet smells, smoking and other harsh smells.
A worker is cleaning the floor with machine

Commercial Cleaning

We can clean the interior and exterior spaces of your commercial building. To provide a healthy building for your employees and clients, we will sanitize and disinfect all surfaces.

Cleaning home table sanitizing kitchen table surface with disinfectant spray bottle washing surfaces with towel and gloves. COVID-19 prevention sanitizing inside.

Sanitizing & Disinfecting

Clarke’s Cleaning is available to sanitize and disinfect your office or commercial property after staff has contracted or been exposed to viruses, such as COVID-19.

A professional cleaner cleaning window blinds in an apartment with a blue micro fiber cloth

Window Cleaning

Let Clarke’s Cleaning do the hard work – we clean windows!

We work hard to ensure the windows at your commercial property or office space are clean and free of debris.

Clarke’s Cleaning is the only professional cleaning company you’ll need. We clean and provide odor treatment services for offices, commercial properties, multifamily common areas and amenity spaces, senior centers, at-home care homes, realtor closings, rental homes, nursing homes, medical buildings, corporate housing, and other types of properties. Note: We do not clean personal homes or personal apartments.